《Julie & Leo English Speaking》儿童英文演讲口语会话课程视频 百度云网盘下载

《Julie & Leo English Speaking》儿童英文演讲口语会话课程视频 百度云网盘下载

《Julie & Leo English Speaking》超棒的国外孩子的演讲口语视频共30集,每个视频都在一分钟内,句子结构简单,适合用于小组学习演讲表演,不但提升学习的趣味性,还能增强孩子的自信心和成就感,主题覆盖生活、学习、社会、自然、人文等,都是孩子熟悉的内容,很有代入感~~除了English Speaking部分外,还有30集English Speaking Practice,是孩子学习口语表述绝佳的学习视频~~文件总体积约720M~~

=== English Speaking 视频预览 ===

English Speaking


《Julie & Leo English Speaking》儿童英文演讲口语会话课程视频 百度云网盘下载

English Speaking Practice


《Julie & Leo English Speaking》儿童英文演讲口语会话课程视频 百度云网盘下载


English Speaking

01.All About Me.mp4

02.Weather & Clothes.mp4

03.My Best Friend.mp4

04.My Family Members.mp4

05.My Fun Things to Do.mp4

06.Things in My Room.mp4

07.Finding Things.mp4

08.Dos and Don’ts.mp4

09.Talking on the Phone.mp4

10.My School Life.mp4

11.My Secret Recipe.mp4

12.My Special Event.mp4

13.A Birthday Gift.mp4

14.My Animal Report.mp4

15.My Dream Job.mp4

16.My Neighborhood.mp4

17.Giving Directions.mp4

18.Safety Rules.mp4

19.Problems and Solutions.mp4

20.Yesterday and Today.mp4

21.An Upcoming Event.mp4

22.My Study Plan.mp4

23.Helping Around the House.mp4

24.How to Protect the Environment.mp4

25.Helping Hands.mp4

26.Fast Food.mp4

27.Lost Items.mp4

28.My Experience.mp4

29.Video Games.mp4

30.My Resolution.mp4

English Speaking Practice

01.My Daily Schedule.mp4

02.My Habit.mp4

03.Special Days and Events.mp4

04.My Favorite Things.mp4

05.Objects in a Picture.mp4


07.Giving Directions.mp4

08.Giving Instructions.mp4

09.SimiIarities and Differences.mp4

10.Cause and Effect.mp4

11.Making Introductions.mp4

12.My Hobby.mp4

13.My Preferences.mp4

14.People in a Picture.mp4

15.Telling Stories.mp4

16.Reading a Map.mp4

17.Making Comparisons.mp4

18.Problem Solving.mp4


20.A Story of a Famous Person.mp4

21.Special Days and Events.mp4

22.A Lesson from My Experience.mp4

23.Graphs and Charts.mp4

24.Predicting a Story’s Ending.mp4

25.Movie Reviews.mp4

26.Useful Tips for You.mp4

27.My Advice.mp4

28.In My Opinion.mp4

29.My Preferences.mp4

30.Speech Reviews.mp4

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